Reed Morano’s Not So Average Instagram

Reed Morano Instagram Reed Morano Instagram Reed Morano Instagram Reed Morano Instagram CinematographerReed Morano Instagram Reed Morano Instagram Reed Morano Instagram Reed Morano Cinematographer Instagram

No, these are not stills for an upcoming critically acclaimed drama about the poignancy of boyhood in dreamy San Francisco. These are the gorgeous photos of Reed Morano’s boys on her instagram.

Morano is a cinematographer whose work has been praised over and over. Her work is so personable that even on a meek social media platform the damage she can do with a camera is evident. Her use of space and color regularly leaves one breathless, and I’m not the first to notice. Reed received high praise for the indie success Little Birds, (2011) the cinematography of which was the only thing in the film  equal to the electric Juno Temple:

“The footage itself is so gorgeous…Reed Morano’s lensing radiates texture and warmth, and though he doesn’t overdo it, [director Elgin] James can hardly resist the occasional scenic insert shot…a strategy that dates back at least as far as Terrence Malick’s Badlands, an early prototype in the same small-town-girls-gone-bad genre…” Variety.

Reed Morano Cinematographer

Women cinematographers, for many reasons, (hint: none of them have to do with talent) are hard to come by. In 2012, only 2% of the 250 highest grossing films were shot by female DPs. Talk about male gaze-this means that 98% of the time we are literally seeing culture through a man’s eye. While this might not seem like an important distinction to some, it makes a great deal of difference. This means that almost everything we see in mainstream movie theaters is from a male perspective. This sometimes subtle differentiation can have extreme, butterfly effect-like consequences.

To up the ante, when Frozen River began to take off, Morano was four months pregnant. “So when these agents and directors wanted to meet me, I was coming in pregnant and people didn’t really take me seriously. They thought “this woman is not going to shoot another movie again. She’s going to become a mom and that’s what happens.”(1) 

Having just wrapped the first season of HBO’s Looking, Morano also has some upcoming films: The Skeleton Twins with Kristen Wiig, and And So It Goes, a new film by Rob Reiner.

Check out her latest,  Kill Your Darlings

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