Kick – Ass Old Chicks


In Britain, there is a new reality show about elderly ladies who are quite basically the bomb. The show follows six women who have an incredible taste in style. One critic commented that after watching just one episode, you see them more than fashionistas, just as you see them more than just being old ladies. Follow the six women as the express their life through style, and redefine how you have to be at any given age.  “It’s not about money or looking younger,” one of the six says. So, what is it about? “Having an identity beyond old lady.” The most important thing? Stay the hell away from the “dreaded baggy beige!”

Jean in Fabulous Fashionistaso-FABULOUS-FASHIONISTAS-570 Bridget, Fabulous FashionistasBridget Sojourner 6Fashionista-new_A2 Daphne Selfe, Fabulous Fashionistas fabulous-fashionistas-6341 Photo 23 Sep 2013 16-39

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