Sofia Coppola, Queen of Aesthetics

tumblr_m6jmzdP1QG1rzhbbdo1_1280SofiaCoppolaMain-660x440Sofia Coppola, Director

A brief overview of the excellent article in Interview Magazine.

Sofia Coppola sits down with artist Richard Prince for interview magazine. Prince’s artwork and photography is, in many ways, similar to Coppola’s visual-heavy films.

Some of the topics I found interesting that they covered was “borrowing art.”When do you ask for permission? Is everything up for grabs when concerning the human condition?

I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. If you ask someone if you can record a conversation, is there a date that you can’t use it anymore? A context? Surely, there is a moral obligation to the actor (or non actor). In all forms of collaborative art, the the trust between a director and an actor (or photographer and model, ect) is sacred and held deeply important.

In the interview, Coppola also spoke of her filmmaker’s aesthetic. Granted, this next but will be biased: she has a particular knack for completely pulling off a mood or tone in her films. Story, structure and a set so in tune with each other, they mush together like saltwater taffy, creating a film of candy.

In her film The Bling Ring, her aesthetic talent at first seems to be jeopardized. I think it is somewhat of a natural progression. As Coppola ages, so do her tastes. Ironically, her tastes aged into a flashy, over saturated pop world of tweens- but still, one should have the privilege to grow as an artist as they change as a person.

She has always been prized in her steadfast vision, her unwillingness to live up to expectations besides the ones she sets for herself, despite what thecritics say.

Again she proves her integrity and her righteous place as one of the most important women in film.

You can read the full article here:

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