“Ruby:” Blending Make-Up & Stop Motion

Emma Allen, a muralist and body painting artist, creates a beautiful story of transformation.

Allen’s self portrait depicts “the transfer of energy from one incarnation to another.”

Her video strikes a cord with me- lately I’ve thinking about how to merge fine art and video work successfully. I think the two mediums together often create haunting portraits of emotion.Something about the inclusion of fine art in experimental video creates a handmade touch.

The story, a captivating journey of the death, rebith, and reincarnation of a woman took Allen 5 days and 800 pictures for her to complete the self portrait. Her power is simplicity, her beauty is joy. Here, death is filled with color and glitter and ends with a tiger wink.

Check out more of Allen’s work here: http://www.emmaallen.org/

One thought on ““Ruby:” Blending Make-Up & Stop Motion

  1. Thanks for telling me about this.  I loved the Ruby video.   Checked out her website gallery too – some really good pieces. She is really good.

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